The Cary Theater Brings Downtown Revival

The historically quiet downtown district of Cary is now bustling with activity and life. After the opening of The Cary theater on East Chatham street, businesses have flocked and thrived to the area.

The Cary, which has fueled the downtown revitalization efforts, was originally opened as the first indoor theater in the town in 1946, at the time also being called The Cary. Since then, the building has been home to a clothier, auto parts store, and recording studio. The theater opened its doors in February 2014 as a showcase space for independent films, amateur theater and musical performance.

Film rotations at The Cary include box office success films as well as independent films, with ticket prices falling below those at your average movie theater. Located just down the street from The Cary is Crosstown Pub and Grill, a new yet successful restaurant that makes a date night or any night out easy and classic. Immediately to the right of The Cary theater is a new, unique taproom called Pharmacy Bottle + Beverage.

The revitalization efforts in downtown Cary also include local retailers such as Gather, Paisley’s Boutique, and Cute Buttons Gifts and Paper Boutique. These efforts have also breathed new life into long-time resident retailers and restaurants in the downtown Cary area. But by far, the most notable change is the classic Cary theater architecture that stands out to any citizen.

For more information on The Cary, please visit their website here.

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