Experience Exciting Durham Bulls Baseball

The Triangle area holds a small claim to fame with the Durham Bulls. They are a Triple-A Minor League team that currently plays in the International League, and have been playing in the area since the club’s establishment in 1902. However, in 1988, the team and area became internationally recognized by the film Bull Durham, starring Kevin Costner.

The team was established in 1902 as the Durham Tobacconists. They played their first exhibition game against Trinity College, now known as Duke University. At the end of July that year, the league of teams in North Carolina disbanded without playing a full season, though the team rekindled as the Durham Bulls in 1912, playing until 1917 due to World War I. The team has been in a consistent operation since 1919.

The team plays in the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, commonly referred to as DBAP. They are the minor-league team for the Tampa Bay Rays. At the end of 2014, the Bulls recorded the highest paid attendance in club history, recording over 500,000 for the season. Despite the fact that North Carolina does not have a Major League Baseball team, the Durham Bulls play entertaining games and like to get their fans involved with game production and events.

During the majority of the month of August, the Durham Bulls will be playing home games, some of which will be broadcast on Minor League Baseball television networks. Tickets are available on the Durham Bulls site, and can be purchased by following this link.

Pricing is incredibly affordable for date night or families – with outfield tickets starting at $6 per person, and reserved tickets running as high as $35 per person. Be sure to catch a Bulls home game soon!

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