Hope everyone has a happy & fun 2016!

Chapel Hill tops the list of the “10 most fun cities in North Carolina,” according to lifestyle and travel site The Retired Blog.

Chapel Hill is known for its “college pubs and bars, local music acts, farmer markets, nearby dining, theaters, and quite a few local museums,” writes the blog.

Of Raleigh, the blog says “For the younger crowd, local sports, nightlife, bars, and great brews and pubs, make for a fun night on the town any night.”

Durham is highlighted for its music venues, concerts, fine dining and, of course, the Duke Blue Devils.

Here’s the list of 10 “most fun” ciites:

  1. Chapel Hill
  2. Wilmington
  3. Raleigh
  4. Asheville
  5. Charlotte
  6. Matthews
  7. Huntersville
  8. Durham
  9. New Bern
  10. Hickory

by: Rebecca Troyer: 

The “Retired Blog” adds “Whether you are staying for a week, or longer, there are a number of great cities to visit while in the state of North Carolina. So, if you like outdoors, fun sports, love small town feel, with several local activities to engage in, or simply want to visit a city which is rich in history, there are plenty for you to choose from when you are visiting North Carolina.



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