Raleigh ranked 6th best city to start a career

Most colleges in our area had their graduation ceremonies this past weekend. So, appropriately, we receive a study this morning from WalletHub that lists the best and worst cities to start a career.

Fear not North Carolina State University, Duke University, UNC-Chapel Hill and all other local colleges and community college graduates — you may not have to leave your parents’ basement after all.

WalletHub study shows Raleigh is the 6th best city for graduates to start a career. The other cities ranked higher than Raleigh in the study were Salt Lake City, Utah; Denver, Colorado; Austin, Texas; and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Among the top six, Raleigh received the second highest score in ‘quality of life’ ranking.

Among the 150 cities compared in the study, Raleigh received the following ranks:

4th – Projected Population Growth (2044 vs. 2014)

63rd – Housing Affordability

13th – Monthly Median Starting Salary (Adjusted for Cost of Living)

22nd – Number of Entry-Level Jobs per 100,000 Working-Age Residents

7th – Annual Job Growth Rate (Adjusted for Population Growth)

71st – Workforce Diversity

53rd – Unemployment Rate

10th – Percentage of the Population with at Least a Bachelor’s Degree

34th – WalletHub “Recreation” Ranking

For people keeping score, Charlotte ranked 22nd in the list. Durham ranked 42nd, and Greensboro ranked 83rd.

Triangle Business Journal News Staff

See WalletHub for the full story.

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