Summer, great time to get refocused.

Summer is a great time to revisit plans and get refocused.

There has been a lot of discussion lately about “being present.” It apparently is the new buzz phrase for being focused. When you are present in the moment, you are focused on exactly what is going on with your task or with the people who are attempting to interact with you.

I am all about being present. Several months ago, I posted a similar article about putting down the electronic device and focusing on what is going on around you— in the physical sense as well as mentally. You cannot focus on the task or the people in front of you if you are distracted by virtual activities.

When you are engrossed in your electronic device, you are also sending a distinct message to everyone in the room with you— that whatever is going on virtually is much more important than them. Put down the electronic device and focus on the people you are with, on the task you are completing.

Be present!

Submitted by Pat Fontana

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