Durham, Raleigh on top 10 list of ‘Best Cities for Job Seekers in 2017’

Looking for a new job? You may not have to look very far – or hard – based on a new study that lists Durham and Raleigh among the top 10 “Best Cities for Job Seekers in 2017.”

The NerdWallet study examined federal data on 100 of the country’s largest cities. It names the places where people are not only most likely to find opportunities, but also where they will earn the most bang for their buck. The cities are scored based on several factors, including October 2016 employment numbers, workforce growth, annual salary and housing cost.

Durham took the No. 5 spot with an overall score of 72.10. Raleigh came in at No 10, scoring 68.02. Though the two cities are classified as separate metros by the federal government, Durham and Raleigh had similar scores across the different categories. But Durham outpaced Raleigh in workforce growth by 5.39 percent.

Among the study’s key takeaways, technology and health care were noted as fast-growing hubs – two industries the Triangle supports. On technology, the report said, “Residents of Durham and Raleigh have a quick commute to the 7,000-acre Research Triangle Park, where over 46,000 people work in the tech sector.” It noted that Duke University and Health System is Durham’s largest employer. The report also highlighted that Wake County benefits from housing the state capital as the state employs more than 24,000.

Welcome to the land of opportunity.


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