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Buying A New House? 5 Things To Check Before Moving In

Buying a new house is an exciting process. For many people, it’s fun to shop around and tour different properties. When you’re serious about purchasing a home, there are a few important parts of the property to check before you move in.

The Neighborhood

You should feel comfortable with the quality of the neighborhood, which will influence the value of your home. Look at the condition of the other homes and check to see if people are loitering at different times of the day. The house should also be in proximity to your job or nearby schools if you have children. Some individuals who don’t have a family may want to purchase a home in a good school district due to the impact that it’ll have on the value of the property.

Storage Space

The storage space that is available in the home influences how much clutter will be left out in the open. Look for plenty of storage space that is available in the bedroom closets or in the kitchen to ensure that you can comfortably fit everything that you own without feeling cramped.

Plumbing System

Run the faucets to inspect the water pressure and ask the owners if the pipes are insulated. Hire professionals to check if the radiators are working and if the hot water tank needs to be replaced soon.

The Roof

The roof is one of the most costly features of the home and protects the interior setting from damage due to environmental elements. Hire a professional roofer to determine the lifespan of the roofing material and if it needs any repairs. The tiles or shingles should be secure on the roof deck, and there shouldn’t be any leaks present.

Sufficient Drainage

Many buyers make the mistake of overlooking the drainage on the property, but the feature can cause issues if they’re not in good shape. Insufficient drainage can lead to severe structural problems in the building.

Although it can be easy to fall in love with a house, there are several areas to check before making an offer to ensure that you won’t run into problems down the road. By taking the time to inspect each part of the property, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re making a good investment.

Housecall:  By Kara Masterson


NC city ranked in top 10 best cities for making a fresh start


North Carolina’s capital city is a great place to make a fresh start, according to DK Eyewitness Travel.

The New York-based travel website and travel guide book publisher ranked Raleigh among the top 20 best U.S. cities “for making a fresh start.”

Raleigh came in at No. 3 of 20, behind Fort Worth, Texas, and Anchorage, Alaska. Raleigh was touted for its “new opportunities.”

“Fueled by its proximity to the Research Triangle Park, where more than 200 companies (including major players IBM, GlaxoSmithKline, and Cisco) have offices, Raleigh offers one of the most vibrant job markets in the nation.  It is easy access to Raleigh from surrounding towns that are vibrant and growing!

“No wonder then that it’s one of America’s fastest growing cities, with a huge college base that ensures the workforce remains young and energetic – and with great restaurants, lively nightlife, and an innovative live music scene, it’s a fun place to start out, or start again.”

 The list was ranked by the travel website’s “in-house travel experts” and range from college towns to suburbs.

To see other cities on the list, go to

BY ABBIE BENNETT, news&observer

Raleigh suburb on top 10 list of suburban hotspots

A Triangle suburb is ranked among “America’s Top 10 Suburban Hotspots” by  Apex has been on many lists of favorites in the last few years.

The report looked at ZIP codes of suburban areas outside the nation’s 50 largest metros. Rankings were based on a combination of household growth, listing price growth, and housing supply and demand.

Located southwest of Raleigh, Apex/Friendship landed at No. 10. “It is currently booming with new construction due to the large numbers of people flocking to the area,” the report stated. “Many of those attracted to the area are young professionals drawn to the strong job market, affordable housing and the overall quality of life, including a strong school system.” The report also highlighted its proximity to universities.

According to the report, the Apex/Friendship suburb:

  • had a 25.2 percent growth in the number of households between 2010 and 2017;
  • saw houses spend an average of 41 days on the market in 2016 – 18 days less than in other suburban areas included in the study; and
  • between 2013 and 2016, listing properties grew at an annualized rate of 11.6 percent.

Looking at the top 20 suburbs, the only other North Carolina suburb to make the list was Wildwoods/Allen/Mint Hill in Charlotte, which ranked No. 12.

by: Marc DeRoberts, Triangle Business Journal